March 21, 2014

In the Enchanted Castle - a Royal Birth

Today was kind of a bittersweet day. I was SO excited for the arrival of my newest baby...a Kansai coverstitch machine for the shop. I am getting a brand new one. BRAND SPANKIN' NEW! I want it for teaching students to use the industrial machines in their work and not fear them. It IS a bit frightening to sit down in front of these big fellas and not be a bit intimidated. (much like real babies in that regard!)

So this morning was the big day for the machine to arrive. Then I got a phone call from General. Sewing Macines asking if they could deliver it Monday instead......well....NO! I would like to play with it on Saturday morning so it is ready for Monday's start of week 2 of Swim Masters class.

After much discussion, they delivered it this afternoon. They sent one guy to unload it, so naturally, Marsha and I had to help lug it into the shop. So here it is

I always get them to actually try out the machine before they leave, just to make sure all is well. Look what happened when we tried to raise the table leaf in order to thread the lower looper.

Do you see how the table hits one of the thread guides? Well, don't that beat all? The delivery guy asked if we had a file or a saw so he could cut out a hole in the table. friggin' way.

They are coming again Monday to remedy the problem. In the meantime, I can look at a sample of the spreader stitch they sent from the factory. I suppose that will keep me happy until. Monday when I see the real thing in action. 

So I am happy it's here, but disappointed that I can't use it yet.....<sigh>


  1. Well, looks great! I really enjoyed mine until it got broken in the move. Need to get it fixed. The top knob post got bent when something came crashing down on it. Ugh! Soon!

  2. My new baby is still not working, Laureen. I am just sick about this. I hope yours gets better soon too!