April 15, 2014

Last minute stitchin'

Just finished my last minute sewing before my trip to Taiwan. I hemmed my new pants and sewed the pockets shut ( I always do that). I also put a clip on my airplane pillow so I can keep it fastened around my tote bag or suitcase. Also around my neck when sleeping on the plane.

By the looks of the hair on this pillow, it is clear that part of my cat is travelling with me!

I also moved the knapsack clips on my Inner Secrets Tote Bag in toward the centre a bit. Last time I used the knapsack feature, I fOund they were a bit too far out for my liking.

Of course, I was now all revved up to sew, so I whipped up a quilted bag for my Ipad. This bag has a shoulder strap so I can carry my Ipad hands free. I even made it so the bag is not in the way when I take photos. Even though this is my prototype, and I wasn't expecting perfection...overall, I am still very happy with this bag. I'll give it a test run on my trip away.

What this last minute sewing does is to de-stress me before a trip. The very act of sitting at my machine, or in my chair, needle in hand, takes away what can only be worry lines and that knot in the pit of my tummy.

After all, isn't that what sewing is all about?


  1. Have fun in Taiwan- I hope that you bringing your ipad means that we can expect some blog posts about your trip!! :)

  2. Your right busy hands will rest the mind, enjoy your trip, stay safe !