May 04, 2014

Tulles for your Bras!

I love embroidered tulles for bra-making! So much so, that I look for them whenever I am on a buying expedition. They look fabulous on an upper cup, especially on the Shelley Bra Pattern. Here's the latest tulles in the store in  7" and 8" widths.

LT-72.43 with Rose, Pink and Dijon mix

LT-72.98 with nice rich pink flowers on a black ground

LT-81.10 basic all white with a beading strip near the top edge. Wouldn't that be nice with a ribbon running through it?

LT-82.40 is a pink and chocolate brown tulle.

LT-82.74 has both sage green and blue in it. That's an unusual combination but isn't it lovely?

and finally LT-82.98. It's heavily embroidered with black, gold and silver grey threads.

Remember, quantities are limited so stock up on tulles for your bras today!


  1. Are you going to be bringing any of these to Muenster? They are fabulous!

    1. Oh yes, they are already out there. We packed them as trio kits with the fabric, power net and a lace that co-ordinates. When Wendy gets it all set up, the trios look like the eye candy they are! Thanks for your question!

  2. Do you have any of this lace left LT-72.98 with nice rich pink flowers on a black ground? :)

    1. Actually, you bought 5 m of it, and there was only 5.5 left. The last .5 m sold yesterday at the Beginner Bra class...sorry!