August 15, 2014

Blast to the Past

Last week I slipped into my past life as a drapery and slipcover maker when I helped my friend Rochelle make slipcovers for her hide-a-bed. These things are really heavy but we moved it out from the wall all by ourselves!
 She didn't have a clue where to start but was just going to start cutting and somehow, magically make the fabric fit. That's where I came in. We have to make piping - a slipcover isn't worth doping unless you put piping in the seams!  I showed her how to make continuous bias piping. We made 25 yards of piping from 27" of fabric.
Next we cut the fabrics for all the sections of the sofa - the inside back, the inside arms, outside arms, outside back, the front deck, and the skirt. And we started can see Rochelle's sewing room in the back. It used to be a living room but the light here was much better... 
I cut out the front curls separately so I could position the birds where I wanted them. The front curls have piping on them
Here's what they look like pressed and ready to sew to the sofa
We did the same with the back piece, piping on the edge all around, then sew it onto the back
The tired looking cushions will have new Dacron wrapped around them to give them their ooomph back.
Here is the sofa finished! Just in time for Rochelle's big party - a 70th wedding anniversary for her in-laws.
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed helping with this slipcover and slipping back to the past, so to speak. I guess it is true that you never really forget how to do these things!


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    1. Thanks! It was fun and Rochelle gave me fresh strawberries and tomatoes out of her garden at the end, so I felt I was well thanked for my efforts!

  2. This came up looking great! I learnt several things fron this: that you used to make slipcovers, that slipcovers can be piped, and even more important, that they're not intended to be shapeless beige things that you buy cheapand throw over your decrepit dorm sofa. Revelations abound!

    1. Oh yes, I did slipcovers and draperies for 24 years! As for the piping, it isn't worth doing unless you add piping! I hope you try sewing one on your own one of these days!

  3. What cheerful fabric and lovely work. That's a couch that will bring a smile. A worthy effort!!!

  4. Karen from Baltimore1 September 2014 at 13:30

    yes it's beautiful! Can we have a new bra-related blog post???? I'm going through withdrawal. Can you speak about the "power bar?" What is it, how it works, etc?? Many thanks O Bra Mistress On High!

    1. Soon Karen soon! I'll be back to blogging about bras very soon. lately i have been working on bikini patterns and those have eaten up my spare time. Power bars you say? Yes, I think I could manage that!

  5. Camille from California11 September 2014 at 12:45

    This is gorgeous! Rachelle is lucky to have you as a friend. :) Where did you learn how to sew draperies and upholstry? That seems like a hard thing to do.