August 05, 2014

Far,far away - home again

My time in the Craftsy studios was an amazing time, and I feel like I have been accepted as part of the Craftsy family! As soon as I let you know the class title and the launch date,  I will let you know!

In the meantime, I would like to thank my acquisitions editor, Eunny - it was such a pleasure to be able to have lunch with you on Friday and chat about sewing!

My producer, Karen was such a delight to work with, both on and off the set! Karen made me feel at ease on the set, and even had Val Kilmer on the screen so I would keep my eyes on the camera!
My two devastingly handsome and talented camera men were from left to right, Marshall and Andrew. I am  telling the absolute truth when i say they are the BEST cameramen I have ever worked with! Their professionalism and attention to detail made some potentially tricky shots work out perfectly.
So I am home now and ready for the next big adventure! Make it happen soon...I am starting to get used to all this!