January 31, 2016

On the (not so) Silver Screen

Now available on a monitor near you! Your Fairy Bra Mother has "officially" launched her very own You Tube Channel! Talk about someone who has come kicking and screaming into the world of Social Media...for those of you that know me...this is a HUGE step for me.

So far, I have 7 videos  - the first one I filmed in the store with my Ipad...I know, I know it is terrible! But it does show the Bias Tape Maker in action. It was my very first self-made video, so be gentle with your comments! You can tell it was awhile ago because of my hair colour!

Then I went to Craftsy a couple of times and filmed some bra-making classes. This is the trailer for the second class - Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques. It is obvious, they are a whole lot better at making videos than I am! This is my favourite trailer - so cute! Thanks to my producer, Karen who thought this up!  

I won't bore you with the others (you can see them all on YouTube, but I am so proud that I made them myself! They aren't as good as the official Craftsy videos but nice just the same. Please have a look if you are interested!

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  1. Dear Beverly,
    I'm from the Netherlands and love your classes, your books, your facebook, your website............and you as a person. I am a real fan.

    Kind regards,
    Monique van der Marel

    1. Monique...that is so sweet of you! I am doing what I love and helping women along the way! I think I am very blessed!