February 27, 2016

Far, far away - Kwantlen Polytechnic

I've spent the week here at Kwantlen Polytechnic University teaching the next generation of designers hoping to work in the intimate apparel industry after graduation. And while I can't complain about the winter we've had in southern Ontario up til now, February in Vancouver just has to be better than February in Hamilton! Here's the view for the front foyer and the stairs going to "my" classroom.

Here's the view from my hotel window, with the mountains in the background. Did I mention that YVR is really close by? Mountains appeal to me...maybe being born under the sign of the mountain goat has something to do with it!

Students are with me for 5 days teaching Bra Design & Draft and how it applies to ready to wear. But before I can teach design, they should know how to draft. And before they learn how to draft, they must know how the bra is constructed. You can't really understand drafting if you don't know what the pieces look like and how they go together in the final garment. So I designed this bra for them to make in the class

This is not the usual bra I have beginners make, but I knew they would be up to the challenge! Monday, they started by laminating fabric to the frame, then sewing elastics to the frame, making up the strap assembly, and sewing that in place. 

Once the band was all assembled, they started on their cups. By the end of the first day, they even had their cut & sew cups together!

Tuesday they finished the bra in the morning so they were happy about that! What a great bunch of sewists!

But the drafting part is where I could see their eyes lighting up! You could tell the draft was making sense to them

At noon, I went across the street to the Lansdowne Mall where 7 out of 12 vendors in the Food Court were Asian..I'm in heaven! This was a bento box with tempura, sushi, salad and a chicken and veggie stir fry...together on one plate! While it was "really" too much for lunch, I perservered and ate it all!

Friday afternoon, the fun didn't stop, as Heather brought in cream puffs, freshly made at the Aberdeen mall! Then the students gave me this. What a great group!

To top of the week, Heather,and I and Ashley (Heather's friend from Hamilton's very own Teeny Weeny Bikini CompanyWe went on a tour around Vancouver, stopping at Stanley Park along the way for beautiful views like these

Can you believe it? They have flowers blooming! it's the end of February, for crying out loud!

Needless to say, it was a wonderful week. I am happy to be going home but for my week here, Ashley says it best...


  1. LOL...we are indeed blessed with milder winters than most of Canada Beverly! How nice that you had some 'free' time from teaching those eager students.

    1. Our winter too was milder than usual but you never know with March coming. But I was able to walk to school from my hotel in just a fleece!

    2. Our winter too was milder than usual but you never know with March coming. But I was able to walk to school from my hotel in just a fleece!

  2. What a great week for you and them. They couldn't get a better teacher than the Fairy Bra Mother!


  3. Aww, thanks Michelle. I do enjoy turning on these young minds to bra-making!

  4. Exactly what Michelle said! Sounds like it was mutually satisfying and so happy you got to enjoy YVR!

  5. Fredericton has no snow, and quite mild temperatures, with less snow than Hamilton! I'm sure we could find a group of willing sewists to soak up your expertise! Come East! Congratulations on your newest class on Craftsy as well!