February 29, 2016

Leap into Spring with a new Swimsuit!

Today, on Leap Day 2016, my newest Craftsy class Sewing Swimwear: the Supportive One-piece has launched! You can watch the trailer here...

What will you find in this class?
  • how to choose pattern and fabric
  • how to make custom alterations for length and width
  • how to transform any scoop back into a supportive bra back
  • how to choose the correct bra cup size using the "squish test"
  • how to support the bust using purchased foam swim cups
  • how to construct a built-in bra using your own bra pattern
  • how to insert lining
  • how to sew either a princess line suit or a tank
  • how to finish the seams
  • how to apply elastics to the edges
  • how to troubleshoot common fit issues
  • how to  use colour blocking to enhance or disguise your figure

Whew! There's a LOT of information in this power-packed class! But here's the best part...
Click to leap over here and save 50% off the regular price!


  1. Hi

    This is an exciting new offering! Soon...

    I have some questions for you, if you don't mind.
    How does fold-over elastic hold up to chlorine or salt water?
    Have you (or anyone you know) ever strategically placed a narrow strip of non-stretch ribbon inside fold-over elastic to give bra or swimwear straps continuity without losing support? If so, would you place it just from where the sliders and rings would normally start and end?

    Thank you for your simple explanation on how to change a bra back to a racer-back. Worked a treat.
    Mary in Thailand

    1. The fold over should stand up as well as any other nylon/spandex blend, such as the swimsuit fabric or the other trims we tend to use in swimwear. As for the ribbon inside, I would tend to use a narrow twill tape or something along that line, rather than a ribbon.

  2. Great!!
    Of course the next question is when will the 2 piece class be released?!!