June 01, 2016

Behind the Seams - Double Lace over Foam

I have a surprise for you today - not one bra but two bras in different colourways. They look completely different from each other but the techniques used to create them are essentially the same

Here are the two bras - the yellow lace bra and the pink & white lace bra
The features of these bras are:
  • Cut & sew foam cups
  • Lace edging used on the cups
  • Ribbon straps
Once again, we used cut & sew foam for these two bras. The yellow one is a full coverage bra
 while the pink and white one is a demi
You can see the comparison of the two fronts below. The white one is 1.25" lower than the yellow. Why 1.25"? That's the difference in the height of the front, between the wire I was using in the yellow bra and the one I wanted to use in the white bra!
The cups are made of cut & sew foam. We used a three-step zig-zag in the yellow bra (which is what I recommended years ago for sewing the sections together) But you can see spaces in between the stitches. Drat!
Now I prefer the closeness of the regular zig-zag seen below. Don't use too short a stitch length, or the foam seam will be wavy.
You can see we used stabilizer tape on the neckline edges of the foam to keep it from stretching out
Two different strap attachment methods. The yellow bra uses the elastic from the underarm to turn over the ring, while the white strap was just sewn on to the cup and the join covered with a bow.
The strap attachments from the front. Notice too that the strap elastic is sewn to pretty sheer ribbon. The front strap section should be stabilized, but the back strap area can be elastic.
The back band of the yellow bra is covered completely in the stretch lace, while the white & pink rigid lace ends at the side seam line and trims out the strap scoop.
 So here is the pink and white bra all finished  
And here is the yellow one!

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