June 20, 2016

Digital fashion Show - Boob Camp June 2016

Another Boob Camp is over! You know what that means - it's time to have our Digital Fashion Show! A glorious line-up of what our students have made over their 5 days with us here at Bra-makers Supply. 

Usually we start off the week with two days of the beginner bra class, however all the students had already made a bra so they could jump right in where they left off. Two of the students needed to be re-fitted (ain't weight gain a B***h!) but once we got that over with, they were set to go.

Our first red bra is a Franken-bra. That's my term for the bra that they make for learning purposes. This one was no exception. The stitches on the band elastic popped (she should have known I was going to pull it to test it!)

On the other side she wrote down the settings she needed to use on her machine.
 Then she had some trouble with the top band stitching...where was I when this happened?

 Looking at the inside, you can see that the stitching of the second pass should be at the edge furthest away from the edge of the fabric. But here it is too close to the edge and it is casuing the elastic to wave. Don't do that!

This student went on this week to do some wonderful things, so don't feel bad. She learned a lot from her mistakes and to be fair, it was at least 6 years since she was last here with us.

Usually, the students will do a butterfly bra in the Beginner Bra class, however for some reason, this student chose to do another - this one on navy blue fabric. You can see the wire casing hasn't been closed off yet, but I wanted pictures!

Here's the Classic Bra converted to a Shelley style, and the full band converted to a partial. We like to convert a bra from the pattern that's been fitted rather than make the students buy a different pattern. It saves them money and they don't have to do all the fitting over again.  So this student did two amazing conversions - Classic to Shelley and Full Band to Partial Band.

 Look at this lovely lace detail on the side seam. Our Boob Camp Instructor, Denise always shows the students where they can sneak in a bit of lace!

Sometimes it seems all the students see what the others are doing and they want to do it to. Yes, someone made another partial band bra. We see a lot of this turquoise colour in the classes!
Here's more lace trim tucked into the side seam
It must have been the week for red bras, as here is another one, but this one is a partial band bra with a front closing. it's a bit tricky to get a front closing clip into such a narrow area, but with the help of the magnetic closures, we managed it!
 The only problem with a magnetic front closure, the student said, was that it tended to stick to her sewing machine bed, her seam ripper, pins, and any other metal around!
 She had me do a double take when she said she had a pacemaker (magnets and pacemakers are definitely a no-no!!) however then she laughed and said "kidding!" All right for her, she almost gave me a heart attack!

Once again, Denise's' special addition of lace at the back strap area uses up thoses tiny bits you really can't use anywhere else.

Here's another front closing and another turquoise bra. Notice that our students chose to use the built=in stitches for embroidering on the ribbon used for the front closing. She embroidered quite a bit of it before I noticed. I didn't have the heart to tell her she only needed a few inches!

Here's more of that bra with the magnetic clip. We have those clips in two sizes, 1/2" and 3/4" (this one is 3/4" tall) and four finishes: white, black, gold and silver.

Next we had a request for the racer back (Y-back) bra. Yes, it's turquoise! Seems to be a popular colour. Could it be that turquoise is the one colour that suits all skin tones and appeals to young and old? This bra didn't quite get finished when I came in with the camera but it got finished soon after.

We had one student do cut and sew, cloned from a ready-to-wear bra, which I am detailing in a future post, as it is a clone of a seamless cup. So watch for that coming up in the next few weeks. But this is the result (just to tease you!)
Sometimes the students will bring in a bra that they love to clone in Boob Camp. Cloning takes more time, but the results are so worth it. In this case, it took the better part of 3 days to do it the way she wanted, but here are the results. Which is the clone and which is the original?
Here's how we got that netted overlay. The netting was spray-basted with Perfect Baste spray to hold the fabrics together while we cut the pieces out.

Then we sewed them as if they were all one piece. Top-stitched and the whole she-bang done all as one. it doesn't get much easier than that!

Here's the bra all done. All that remains is the final try-on. Does it fit as good as the original?

it fits better! The original had a bit of gapping along the neckline edge. Well, we certainly knew how to take care of that little issue, don't we?

So our Boob Camp is over for another month or so. I believe the next one is in August. So I have time to get ready to film another Craftsy class in July and perhaps enjoy the summer a little bit before it's over!

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