June 26, 2016

Digital Fashion Show - Bra-making Contest Entries!

We have chosen the winners of our first ever digital bra-making contest! And you've certainly outdone yourselves. We've received some amazing photos of some beautiful bras. First I would like to thank everyone who sent photos of the bras you made - I know the timeline was short but you stepped up to the plate! So here is a selection of the entries.

Pink Fuzzy Wuzzy by Diane M. This is her very first bra made from fuzzy pink fabric. Notice the different fabric on the back band. Well done, you!
Tammy used aqua lace from a too small t-shirt to add to her Classic Bra. This is only the second bra she's made. I love the lace over the black!
Erin made this "Black Mamba inblack duoplex and used fold-over binding on the neckline edges and underarm. Great job, Erin!

Autumn used the Linda pattern to challenge herself, so she added a power bar and a split lower cup, making it very Shell-esque in appearance.
Autumn also entered another category and modified her Classic Bra to include a Y-back in lace ad the butterfly front. She even trimmed the fabric from behind the lace in the front. Can you believe this is her fourth bra?

Sue's goal was to make a feminine bra with a slightly retro look that feels awesome. (Spoiler alert - goal achieved!) She fit each breast separately and used her favourite cotton fabric instead of lace for the Shelley.
Nadia modified the Shelley and shortened the fabric straps to incorporate elastic straps instead
Kay's third bra (ever) was made using the Linda pattern which she had used once before. But she added power bars, short strap extensions and found some flower rosettes to applique in place.
Here's the detail on the strap

Sue, is a custom bra-maker who used Linda to make her modified pattern and a fabric with 35% stretch with a soft lace overlay. the lace is not attached to the under fabric but was sewn together as one.

Lydia's Queen of hearts is bound to steal your heart - she used lined Swiss heart tulle for the lower cup and the heart lace from Bra-makers, using techniques learned in the Craftsy class, Sewing Bras: Foam, lace & Beyond.
 Sharon was very clever with her bits of leftover lace. She fussy-cut those bits to use on the lower cup of this fuchsia Shelley bra!
Wendy is a newbie who turned the Classic into a Shelley and then modified it to a partial band. added g-hooks so the straps could change from time to time.  She says she needs to narrow the bridge a little but she will wait to do that when the leaves fall off!
Carla used this gorgeous lace to make this Shelley and small modifications for fit after her class with bra teacher Iris Moore in BC. She says "this is my prettiest and best fit bra so far!" (and check out that fabric stash behind the mannequin!)
Here's a bra cloned from ready-to-wear. From Eileen, who used hand cut seam tape over the seams. So pretty! What a great fit!
Donna's entry Peppy Le Phew(!) was made with bits of black and white duoplex and the Shelley pattern. The bra got its name from the fact that it was finally finished (Phew!)

Lydia's back in the game with another superb bra she calls the Bold and the Beautiful. It's a Linda partial band, lace lined with 15 denier on the upper cup and a lovely floral stretch net for the lower cup.
Sometimes we think of white as boring, but Liz's bra for her daughter is nothing but! She modified the Shelley to round out the cups and raise the apex to make the breasts sit really high. Liz says "my daughter hasn't been this happy with a bra...EVER!" hard to believe this is only Liz's 3rd bra!
I cannot believe the level of skill with these newbie bra-makers. Here's Kay's bra and she used Linda and made it into a front closing bra with a Y-back, techniques she learned in the Craftsy class Sewing Bras: Designer Techniques. Look at the well sewn fold-over binding!
Eleanor's sewing was spot on in her All Fire, No Ice bra, made from the Classic bra but changed to a partial band. She dyed all the fabrics herself with Jacquard Acid Dyes in Bright orange and Fire Red.
There were a lot of turquoise entries, this one is Jocelyn's Classic changed to a Shelley but with a C-shaped power bar instead of the S-shaped that I normally use.
Michelle used a modified Shelley and then used contrast fabric in the power bar and on the bridge. She did some serious fitting as she is a "pronounced Omega shape" and used a 32G cup in a 34E cradle and a 34 band.
Terry made a cut & sew foam bra using the Classic Bra and jazzed it up with a lace band and contrast bows. The roll-over edge is a smooth clean finish along the neckline. I love the lace band!
Jeanette drafted her own bra from her body measurements and did a butterfly lace treatment on the front. No matter how many times I see the butterfly, I never get tired of it!
Lydia created "Cielito Lindo" from the Linda bra using stretch lace lined with 15 denier and on the lower cup, stretch tulle lined with 15 denier. Lydia was certainly busy in her sewing room - she made three bras for this contest!
Rachel used burgundy and brown duoplex in a very creative way to mix the colours to create a shape on the cup.She started with the Classic  and added a power bar (with two colours) and increased the cup volume. What a great way to use colour!
Someone put their embroidery machine to good use! Jutta calls her creation Americana Watching You, and she embroidered eagle eyes to her Shelley bra then embellished it with beads and crystals!
There's more, including all the winners but there was no way I could put all the photos in one post, so stay tuned for the next post right after this one with all the winning entries!

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