June 19, 2016

Sweet Sixteen - Belle of the Ball

If you have even glanced at fashion magazines lately, you will see that there is a new darling in the bra world and it's hot fashion news right now! Some would say it's not a bra at all while others are claiming "it's the best!" Who is this new belle of the Ball? Why, a bralette of course!

What is a bralette? A bralette is a non-wired, unstructured bra that is a cross between a camisole and a training bra. They are typically worn as sleep bras or under casual or at home clothes. It often but not always has vertical seam cups so that lace edges can be utilized to their best advantage on the neckline edges. Some bralettes are foam lined, some are stretch lace, others are cotton jersey. Nothing too rigid or constrictive.

What's that got to do with us? Well, after being nudged (ahem...you know who you are!) in this direction for the last couple of years, I am happy to announce the Sweet Sixteen bralette pattern from Pin-up Girls! 

Most would not say "support" and bralette in the same breath, but oddly enough, this one can be very supportive. With the options this pattern offers, this bralette could become your new breast friend! The typical ready to wear bralette is only available in smaller sizes..not ours! 
With 6 band sizes from 28"-38" (71 cm-96 cm) and 12 cup sizes ranging from a Bottom Cup Depth of 2.75" up to 5.25", that makes 72 unique sizes in all! 

What's more, is our Sweet Sixteen has 16 views to make all in one pattern envelope! Make this from stretch lace, all fabric, or a combination of lace and fabric. You can line each variation with foam as well for a super comfy fit and gentle support. Wait, there's more! You have the option to make each one into a longline (midriff) version or the regular length. All sizes and variations are included in the envelope.

It would make a great first bra for daughters, granddaughters, nieces or little sisters, but it's also a comfy bra for you for those lazy Sunday mornings. If you are looking for an easy bra to whip up in less than a couple of hours, this one is a clear winner. It doesn't take much fabric or elastic either, and the sewing is easy!

For those of you in Europe, they are stocked at B'wear in Sweden at www.bwear.se and in the USA, they are now in stotck at Sweet Cups Bra Supply www.sweetcupsbrasupply.com

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